Jubilee Tours and Travels - Travel agent messed up our International booking which and we ended up shelling out 450$ for extra luggage which we not informed.. No refund has been given so far..

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Jubilee Tours and Travels - Miramar Travel Agent messed up the British Airways booking which we came to know in the last hours.

With lot of hassle got the new booking with a different itinerary.The travel agent blames the BA for the mess and promises some kind of compensation which never happened.

He assures us we shouldn't be running into any more issues in our travel. That turned out to be untrue. The domestic Airlines in India charged us $450.00 for excess luggage. When contacted the travel agent he blames the Airlines. The Airlines blames the travel agent they way he made the booking. So with the blame game I was the one who got ripped off and went through lot of hassle.

The travel said he would compensate us. That never happened.

Its been 5 months. Lot of phone calls and emails.. All he says is.. I'm working your case a priority. It turned to be bunch of lies.. I'm extremely frustrated and pissed off.

These travel agents have to be made accountable for cheating the customers.

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